Pod Rods: award winners, New York show premieres and UNF’s Osprey Racing

Source: http://jacksonville.com/community/mandarin/2014-03-21/story/pod-rods-award-winners-new-york-show-premieres-and-unfs-osprey

The University of North Florida’s Osprey racing team showed off its third-generation race car at the March 9 19th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Showing off the completed frame with suspension and engine pieces in place, the soon-to-be completed car is set to compete May 14 to 17 at the annual Society of Automotive Engineers Formula SAE event at Michigan International Speedway. The competition started in 1979 to challenge student engineers to design, build and drive a race car that can withstand technical inspection, racing and a 13-mile endurance run. Former student Justin Tussey started Osprey Racing five years ago.
Concours chairman and founder Bill Warner invited Osprey Racing to show off its latest car on the show field, surrounded by 325 other classics. The team’s last car, Swoopdie2, came in 81st out of 125 university teams last year, 20 ahead of its 2012 premiere.